MIPPA (Medicare Improvements for Patients & Providers Act)

Everybody likes a little extra cash in their wallets, especially at the end of the month. As a grantee of this program, the Area Agency on Aging Region 9 can specifically help low-income seniors and persons with disabilities to apply for two programs that help pay for their Medicare costs:

  • The Medicare Part D Extra Help/Low-Income Subsidy (LIS/Extra Help), which helps pay for the Part D premium and reduces the cost of prescriptions at the pharmacy
  • The Medicare Savings Programs (MSPs), which help pay for Medicare Part B Premiums.

The Area Agency on Aging Region 9 also provides Part D counseling to Medicare beneficiaries who live in rural areas, and are tasked to promote Medicare’s prevention and wellness benefits.


MIPPA Successes

The National Council on Aging reported that MIPPA grantees submitted more than $2 million LIS (Low Income Subsidy) and MSP (Medicare Savings Programs) applications for a total value of $5 billion in benefits between 2009 and 2021. If you are unsure about your eligibility for this prescription savings program, please call us at the Area Agency on Aging Region 9 at 1-800-945-4250. We can fill out your application right over the phone and submit for you!

MIPPA Brochure