Regional Advisory Council

The AAA9 Regional Advisory Council (RAC) serves as a liaison between seniors, AAA9 and their local Senior Centers. The RAC is formed of appointees from the local Senior Centers and Commissioners.

Belmont County- Ronald Hopkins, President

Carroll County- Doris Logan

Carroll County- Elaine Myers

Coshocton County-Joyce Sees

Coshocton County-Marjorie Groff, Secretary

Guernsey County- Nathaniel Womack, Sr.

Guernsey County- Joann Moore

Harrison County- Becky Dillman

Holmes County-Julia Gray

Holmes County- Merlin Mullet

Jefferson County- Edward Florak

Tuscarawas County- William Harding

Tuscarawas County- Norma Russ

If you would like to see about becoming a Regional Advisory Council member, please email Alicia Wutrick at to request an application packet.

Tentative Schedule for the Regional Advisory Council for 2019