Board of Trustees

Gwen Morgenstern
Belmont County

Belmont County
Leisha Trigg

Carroll County

Coshocton County

Guernsey County
Daniel “Dan” Atkinson
Connie Hawthorne

Jason “Jay” Jackson
Vice President
Guernsey County

Harrison County
Dr. Michael Dundr
Nan Mattern

Joyce Klinger
Harrison County

Holmes County

Jefferson County
Karen Shilling

Muskingum County
Jeanie Blake

Tuscarawas County
Glenn Enslen
William “Bill” Harding
RAC Chair

Margaret “Peggy” Pritz
Tuscarawas County

The Obituary of Rev. Hugh Berry of Tuscarawas County

Rev. Hugh B. Berry thumbnail  

If you would like to inquire about becoming a Board of Trustees member, please email Alicia Love at to request an application packet.

Updated  12-5-2023