Area Agency on Aging, Region 9 Board of Trustees

Belmont County- Gwen Morgenstern, President

Carroll County-Robert Morgan

Carroll County-Suzanne Bates

Coshocton County- Bee Lehner

Guernsey County-Daniel Atkinson

Guernsey County- Connie Hawthorne, Vice President

Guernsey County- Jason “Jay" Jackson

Harrison County- Joyce Klinger, Secretary

Harrison County- Dr. Michael Dundr

Harrison County- Nan Mattern

Holmes County-Tracy Smith

Jefferson County- Karen Shilling

Jefferson County- Jaime Herald

Muskingum County- Jeanie Blake

Tuscarawas County- Rev. Hugh Berry

Tuscarawas County- Peggy Trolio, Treasurer

Tuscarawas County- William Harding,  RAC Chair

If you would like to see about becoming a Board of Trustees member, please email Alicia Wutrick at to request an application packet.

 Tentative Meeting Schedule for AAA-9 Board of Trustees for 2020

            Obituary for Dr. John Mattox.

Former AAA-9 Board of Trustees Member