Volunteer Opportunities

Research has shown the benefits that volunteers receive, including the positive feeling referred to as “helper’s high,” increased trust in others, improved social & political participation and an increased sense of purpose.

Baby Boomers are a highly talented and motivated group who can help solve some of our most challenging social problems, including helping seniors live independently.  Evidence suggests that volunteering has a positive effect on psychosocial factors such as enlarging ones social network, buffering stress and reducing risk of disease, not to mention providing a sense of purpose, life satisfaction and a sense of self-worth.

If you would like to demonstrate your gifts and talents and find a more purposeful social role in your life despite your age, we’d love to hear from you.  We can help you locate a volunteer host helping older adults or disabled people.

If you’re interested in volunteering & creating a sense of purpose in your life, please contact us at the Area Agency on Aging, Region 9 @ 1-800-945-4250.