Agency Provider Information

The Planning and Quality Division is responsible for provider operations in the various Agency on Aging programs (PASSPORT, Assisted Living, Care Coordination, Title-Ill,) as well as the Agency's strategic planning, advocacy efforts, and professional development and training.

Providers of various types may be eligible for participation in Agency programs. The Agency on Aging contracts for the services delivered in each of the various programs. These services include: Adult Day Service, Assisted Living Service, Community Transitions Service, Chore, Congregate Meals, Emergency Response System, Home-Delivered Meals, Homemaker, Home Medical Equipment, Independent Living Assistance, Legal Counseling, Minor Home Modification, Nutrition Consultation, Personal Care, Socialization, Social Work/Counseling, Medical Transportation , and Visiting.

Each program offers a menu of services that include some, but not all, of the above. Below are
resources available to current and businesses interested in becoming service providers.

Area Agency on Aging Region 9
Request for Proposals

2014-15 RFP T3 Instructions Info
2014-RFP Title III-B Budget Summary
2014-RFP Title III-C Budget Summary

Service Providers

A service provider is an established and qualified business contracted with Area Agency on Aging
Region 9, Inc, to provide needed services to assist eligible older adults living in Belmont, Carroll,
Coshocton , Guernsey, Harrison, Holmes, Jefferson, Muskingum and Tuscarawas counties. Each
program requires different services. Below you will find quick links to Provider related information.

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Applications and RFPs

AAA9 will advertise open application periods and Requests for Proposals (RFPs) on the AAA9 web site and in local newspapers. Links to the application or RFP will provided interested parties with detailed information about the program. process. timeframe. and requirements. Each program has a different application process.

Area Agency on Aging Region 9
2012-2013 Request for Proposals

Care Coordination RFP

Community-Based Long-Term Care

Community-Based Long-Term Care (CBLTC) is the state Medicaid waiver program that funds PASSPORT and the Assisted Living Waiver program These programs allow enrolled participants to receive authorized services in the home or in an Assisted Living Facility at little or no cost to them. All businesses that wish to provide CBLTC services through these programs must be recommended by AAA9 for certification by the Ohio Department of Aging (ODA) and Ohio Department of Job & Family Services (ODJFS).

Click here for application information

Title III/Senior Community Services/Alzheimer State Funds

AAA9 is not currently accepting proposals for Title III/Senior Community Services/Alzheimer Service Providers.

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Quality Assurance

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