Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program

Fresh fruits and vegetables are an important part of federal dietary guidelines. They are also good
sources of fiber; low in sugar, fat and sodium; and nutrient-rich, yet low in calories. In addition, fresh
fruits and vegetables add flavor and variety to meals.

The Department of Aging partners with area agencies on aging to offer the Senior Farmers’ Market
Nutrition Program in 44 counties.


Eligibility and Enrollment

You are eligible for the Ohio Senior Farmers’ Market program if you are age 60 or older, reside in a
service area that participates in the program and have a household income that falls within one of
these guidelines:
<li>$20,147 or less-household of 1 person</li>
<li>$27,214 or less- household of 2 people</li>
<li>$34.281 or less- household of 3 people</li>
<li>$41,348 or less – household of 4 people</li>
<li>$48,415 or less- household of 5 people</li>
<li>$55,482 or less- household of 6 people</li>
<li>$62.549 or less- household of 7 people</li>
<li>$69,616 or less- household of 8 people</li>

Household income includes not only all wages and salaries, but also such items as unemployment
insurance, disability payments, retirement checks and regular rental receipts, as well as any
personal business, investment or other kinds of income received routinely. The residents of the
household do not have to be related to the head of the household for their earnings to be
considered part of the household’s income. Contact our agency for more information: 1-800-945-

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Nutrition Resources

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ServSafe Training Available

Certified ServSafe Instructors teach ServSafe Food Safety Manager training courses They ensure
important lessons are taught in a clear and consistent manner This training is available at our
agency as Carol Baker, MSW was certified in 2003 as a ServSafe Instructor and Proctor through the
National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. She has since recertified her position through 2013. To learn more information please contact <a href=”mailto:”></a> or 1-800-945-4250 ext: 4704. To locate other training available please click <a href=”#”>here</a>

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Senior Food Pyramid

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