Long Term Care Ombudsman

Advocacy program for in-home services clients or nursing home/adult care facility residents
Provides advice on facility selection, rights & service Information for consumers, investigate complaints and negotiate solutions. Referrals & information provided as appropriate (Operated by AAA 10B under AAA9 contract)

<center><strong>Call (330) 364-3465 or (800) 967-0615 toll-free</strong></center>

LTCOP professional staff offers assistance with the following:
<li>Respond to, investigate and resolve complaints, ranging from unappetizing food and inadequate
hygiene to violations of civil rights, abuse, neglect and adm1ss1on and discharge problems</li>
<li>Protect the confidentiality of all parties</li>
<li>Coordinate efforts and investigate with regulatory agencies</li>
<li>Ensure that consumer rights are protected</li>
<a href=”#”>Ohio Department of Aging Ombudsman</a>

Consumer Advocacy

<li>Educate by speaking with groups regarding long-term care issues.</li>

<li>Monitor and support laws affecting older persons</li>

Consumer Counseling

<li>Provide information about selecting a nursing home or adult care facility</li>

<li>Provide information relating to Medicaid and Medicare, as well as other state and federal programs affecting long-term care services</li>

<li>Provide a complete list of resident rights as mandated by Ohio legislation, which Include the right to:
<li>a safe. clean living environment</li>
<li>be treated with dignity and respect</li>
<li>adequate and appropriate care</li>
<li>prompt response to all reasonable requests</li>
<li>be free from chemical and physical restraint</li>
<li>Volunteer Program LTCOP volunteers are essential to our program Volunteers are provided with
training, certification and continuing education opportunities. Volunteers are assigned to a facility where they:
<li>Inform residents and their families of their rights</li>
<li>Work to resolve “uncomplicated complaints”</li>
<li>Provide community contact for residents</li>
<li>Empower residents and families to advocate for themselves</li>

If you would like to be a volunteer or need further information regarding LTCOP services call the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program @ (330) 364-3465 or Toll Free (800) 967-0615