A Comprehensive Listing of Available Services and Providers

The guide is <strong>FREE</strong> and contains a unique mix of information and tools that is sure to offer
something valuable to everyone The guide 1s a comprehensive listing of available services and providers who cater to the needs of mature adults and their caregivers.

Information contained in the guide is specific to East Central Ohio. It contains information about
“Meals on Wheels,” Living Wills and Trusts, Discount Programs, PASSPORT, Caregiver Support, Elder Law, Medication Management, Respite, Safety in the Home, Long-Term Care insurance, Hospital Services, Senior Housing, and much, much more.

The Resource Guides are available throughout the community, or you can call AAA9 at (800) 945-
4250, or stop by their offices at 60788 Southgate Road between Cambridge and Byesville To
request multiple copies of the guide to distribute to your employees or customers, call Tiffiny
Dudley at (800) 945-4250 ext.# 4720


Publications and Brochure Request

In addition to the Caregiver Resource Guides, AAA9 has books, brochures, and information on any topic pertaining to aging or caregiving available to the public free-of-charge Some of the more popular topics include caregiving and long-distance caregivng, Alzheimer’s disease, PASSPORT, Medicare, Medication Management, safety at home, wills and powers of attorney, living wills, retirement and financial assistance The “Aging 101 Series,” a series of one page fliers that explain aging programs in basic, easily understood language is also very popular The “101 Series” fliers include PASSPORT, RSS, Adult Protective Services (APS), Block Grant, and the Long-Term Care Ombudsman. The “101 Series,” are great to hand out as payroll stuffers or post on bulletin boards and are available in large quantities.

All of the publications and Information is available to the public free of charge. To receive any of the publications listed or to find out information about a specific Aging topic, call AAA9 at (800) 945-4250 or (740) 439-4478 or stop by their facility at 60788 Southgate Road between Cambridge and Byesville or via email <a href=”mailto: aaa9@aaa9.org”>aaa9@aaa9.org</a>